3 Tips For Buying A Custom Engagement Ring

Whether you’re shopping with your partner or planning a surprise engagement, we’re sure you’ll find these 6 custom engagement ring design tips very useful. When it comes to selecting an engagement ring, it’s a decision that needs to be made with great attention. Not only is it an expensive purchase, but it’s also something that will DR custom ring hopefully be used for a lifetime. While traditionally the man surprised the woman with a ring he had selected, on more modern days it is not uncommon for a couple to choose the ring together. Because it’s such a big investment and many women are specific about what they want, it just makes more sense to make the decision together.

If you were overwhelmed by the number of diamond cuts to choose from, there are even more settings to consider! From a halo setting to cathedral, tip, tiffany, bezel, pavé, vintage, cluster, three-stone configurations and more, there are plenty of options for all styles. In fact, engagement customers can benefit financially at all price points by choosing to design their custom rings.

Obviously, the larger the central stone and the less included it is, the more expensive it will be. It certainly helps if you can draw yourself, but that is not necessary at all. So start collecting those photos and collecting ideas for your own piece. This is one of the most favorite ways to customize wedding rings and engagement rings.

For example, if you are designing an engagement ring for an active woman with a practical job and you have selected a cathedral setting, your jeweler may suggest otherwise. Loc Solo wants to ensure that the ring can be worn as often as possible and that the middle stone is protected against possible damage. Your jeweler is there to help you and their collaboration will make the whole process smoother. If you discover your partner’s preferences, it’s helpful to pay attention to likes and dislikes. Dislikes can be just as essential when creating a custom engagement ring.

You’ll probably notice a common theme among the images you’ve saved, whether it’s a particular diamond cut, metal, or adjustment that attracts you. We have nothing against someone seeing something in a store or on a website, falling in love with it and buying it, we expect that to happen when people look in our shop windows or look at our site. But we believe that if you want a custom designed piece, it should actually be custom designed.

To avoid crowds, experts advise couples to buy rings well in advance. Selecting wedding rings for the two or three months of the wedding will make it easier for both of you. This will help you spend enough time on a custom ring design, engraving, size and other details. If you want to engrave names, promises of love, or phrases from Scripture on the tapes, it may take extra time. So, go to the jeweler, discuss your requirements, and evaluate the estimated time it will take to buy wedding rings with everything you need.

There are so many options, the possibilities and details can be overwhelming. But there is a difference between being a knowledgeable consumer and trying to become a self-taught professional jeweler.