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Yes, even bigger than that time Snoop Dogg performed at his fundraiser. That’s literally millions of people drinking millions of gallons of beer and all singing songs of which apparently no one knows the lyrics. Oktoberfest, Germany’s most famous (and by extension the world’s) festival, is a celebration of Bavarian culture, beer and local cuisine. It’s held in Munich every September and October, with a few other cities also hosting their own versions, and attracts millions of visitors around the world each year. What I didn’t realize before I went to Oktoberfest was that there’s a lot more to it than just tents.

You can join us in the beer tents for some Steins or, if you’re ready for a little more adventure, join us in partying on our flagship Beer or Bust tour. On the first day of Oktoberfest alone, 7.3 million visitors drink 6.5 million liters of beer served in beer mugs in beer gardens and large tents. —considered the most important tent of Oktoberfest, especially since it is located at the beginning.

The total consumption of beer during Oktoberfest is more than 75,800 hectolitres. Breweries are also represented in parades with beer carts and floats along with people in folkloric costumes. Other entertainment includes games, attractions, music and dance.

Oktoberfest is an important part of Bavarian culture and has been held since 1810. Other cities around the world also celebrate Oktoberfest, which is modeled after the original event in Munich. Depending on the ticket option you book, you’ll be assigned a seat, so if Oktoberfest 2023 you’re super excited about a roaring, drunken evening, try consolidating at the bar. Then book your accommodation at the Park Grand Heathrow hotel for a stay in London for Oktoberfest. But as with any travel/festival experience, you have to consider your surroundings.

The party has also grown in duration and has become a 16-day show that ends on the first Sunday in October. Although the horse race was eventually abandoned, many features of the early Oktoberfest events have been preserved, if not expanded. Munich’s annual celebration is still held at the original site, Theresienwiese (“Theresa’s Fields”), opposite the city gates. As every year we encourage participants to dress in Oktoberfest costumes or traditional clothing, there will be prizes for the best dressed attendees. Activities such as German dancing, whistleblowing, stein holding, and Bretzel food contests complement traditional live music and make for a fun holiday.

In 2005, a “quiet Oktoberfest” was introduced to make the world’s largest folk festival more attractive to families. Entrepreneurs can only play party music after 18:00 and are only allowed to play Bavarian band music before that time. Oktoberfest is not just a beer festival, at least it didn’t start with this intention. Prince Louis married Princess Theresa on October 12, 1810.

Named after Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle, it’s only a 90-minute drive or three-hour train ride away. Perched atop a steep cliff in Germany’s Bavarian Alps, this 19th-century palace is truly a real-life fantasy land, and in autumn it’s even more spectacular, surrounded by colorful autumn leaves. The interior of the castle can be explored through a guided tour, and horse-drawn carriage rides are available for a fun way to reach the top of the hill. Seeing everyone dressed in traditional Bavarian clothing really fascinates me.