Basic Concepts Of The Android Smartphone App That Everyone Should Know

With Android 10 you have the option to only allow an application to access your location data while you are actively using the application. Not only is this an important privacy issue, but it will certainly help save battery life. The above tips and tricks will help you discover some lesser known but useful features of your OnePlus 9 or OnePlus 9 Pro.

IOS 15 allows you to take advantage of Spotlight searches from the lock screen. Use the same slider on the lock screen and start using Spotlight searches. This is a secret iOS 15 trick that is sure to make your life easier every day.

Hold it and drag it to the top or left side of the screen, then choose another open application to appear next to or below it. If it doesn’t APN Settings appear, there is another way to configure the duplication. First, check if you have installed the Google Home application for Android.

OxygenOS on OnePlus 9 is packed with useful features and customization options, so take your time to play on the phone to discover all the useful features. OnePlus offers a Pro mode within your camera application. If you know what ISO, shutter speed, exposure and white balance are, you can use Pro mode to capture even better photos from the primary reversing cameras on these phones. You can also record and save photos in RAW / DNG format in this mode for flexibility while editing them later. While that’s enough, you’ll likely fill device storage over time with photos, videos, and data from installed applications.

The rotary lock can be a bit responsive and rotate the screen when you tilt the phone a little too far. In Android 9 Foot and later versions, you can change the rotation settings to lock it vertically, but you still have access to horizontal mode. Then look for the rotary button at the bottom of the screen the next time you turn the phone by your side.

If you are in an earlier version of Android or want to delete multiple applications at once, see how to batch remove Android applications. With Guest Mode, other people can download new applications, take new photos and log into their social media accounts as if the device were theirs. However, once you exit guest mode, all your data will be retained. The next time you borrow your phone, go back to guest mode and you will see that you have not deleted your photos. You can also check if your device has Smart Lock capabilities. Smart Lock is a pretty cool feature that allows your phone to skip the lock screen in certain situations.

Many applications (especially Google applications) have bright white styles. From Android 10 there is a dark theme throughout the system that can alternate those applications and parts of the system user interface into a beautiful, muted black. It is available in the screen settings or easier in quick settings. Some phones also have options to program the dark theme to turn on automatically every night and morning. Only the applications developed for the theme API will work, but that list is growing day by day. Use OK Google or press the start button to access the Wizard.

Other phone keyboards may also have one-handed modes, but they may be more difficult to access than Google’s. Search for your phone model and search for “one-handed keyboard” for more information. Google Maps supports the storage of offline maps and the feature has recently been expanded to be more powerful. Find the area you want to save offline, then tap the search bar at the top of the screen.