Concrete Floors

So why are polished concrete floors desirable in so many commercial spaces, warehouses and even houses?? People have discovered that polished concrete floors offer many advantages. By looking at the pros and cons of polished concrete floors, it is easy to see that polished concrete has far more advantages than disadvantages.

The benefits of polished concrete floors are many, but here we get five of the benefits of determining if this floor is right for you and your facilities. Black Bear Coatings & Concrete has extensive knowledge of polished concrete floors in commercial and industrial environments. With over 25 years of experience, our teams have the skills to create a floor that meets each customer’s unique aesthetic and maintenance needs. Check out some of the work we’ve done with other customers in our gallery. A well-installed, sealed and maintained polished concrete floor is expected to last a hundred years or more, even in the most hostile business environments. The lifespan will also be much greater than that of other floor coverings, such as carpets, vinyl tiles and wooden laminates.

Our application services for stained concrete floors include the use of a variety of stains and colors to create the elegant or elegant look you want. This concern is more common in a living area where people can be barefoot, but coloured concrete supplier Australia it is not a major problem with commercial or industrial concrete floors. The good news is that polished concrete floors are excellent thermal conductors, so a radiation floor heating system can keep the barefoot floor warm.

There are also no grouting lines because these floors are completely seamless. The uninterrupted features of these floor systems open up and free up any messy space and offer your customers and guests a more welcoming environment. The easy-to-maintain properties make concrete suitable as a material for exterior floors. In terms of daily maintenance, such as concrete indoor floors, sweeping and mopping with soap and water is enough to keep the concrete tiles as new. For concrete floors with a glossy finish, periodic re-use of floors can help restore shine. Concrete has been used as floor material for years, but is considered suitable by most people only for industrial environments.

If you plan to sell your home, you cannot predict what future buyers want for the flat. Concrete floors can be left as they are or can be easily covered with rugs, tiles, hardwood or laminated floors at no extra cost to remove the existing floor. Compared to high-quality floor coverings such as slate and marble, decorative concrete is often a cheap alternative. In addition, skilled concrete shooters can duplicate the appearance of these more expensive materials. The life expectancy of a concrete floor will also be much greater than that of low to medium price floor coverings such as rugs, vinyl tiles and wood-rolled. This means that you save money in the long run because you don’t have to start and replace worn or damaged floors.

This may mean that existing floors, such as carpets or vinyls, are removed to expose the existing concrete slab. When the plate is in poor condition, a thin layer of fresh concrete can be poured onto the old plate; This overlap becomes the basic surface for polishing, colors or textures. When a fresh plate or overlay is poured, dyes can be mixed into the concrete before they are poured. Otherwise, staining or dyeing generally occurs after the concrete has been polished by grinding with gradually thinner grills with grit. This fast-growing floor option is very popular with residential and commercial customers, but it has confused many people about what polished concrete is. Many consumers are interested in the cost of polished concrete, how well it works and what exactly is the actual concrete polishing process.

When considering the economic aspect of their floor, as we noted earlier, polished concrete floors pay almost for themselves, mainly because of the long life they know. These are all good reasons to use concrete floors in your next home or in your current home, but there is an additional benefit to having concrete floors that you should know. You can rip off the floor you currently have, install new floors and make this space yours without buying a lot of material. You have already installed these floors, so you just have to pay for the materials to repair them and make them exactly what you are looking for.

In addition to colors and finishes, there are numerous design options that can be applied to your floors. Textured stamps and skins can be used to produce finishes similar to wood, stone, brick and more. You can create a tile-like look or rate a design directly on the surface with a cut. If your existing surface has minor flaws or cracks, they can often be camouflaged or incorporated directly into the design by qualified contractors, or simply used to add characters. UNITED STATES You need to rebuild your polished concrete floor every few years.

Price savings don’t always come to the facility, but over the lifetime because the only reason you need to replace it is if you’re tired of the look, especially if you consider maintenance costs. There is a reason why concrete is used in busy industrial environments and commercial settings. The material is extremely resistant and can withstand almost anything, be it heavy furniture, high temperature or the risk of scratching the surface by pointed heels or claw plates.