Connected Teeth For Holes Between Front Teeth

You will use a range of custom designed line players to slowly adjust your teeth to their correct positions, to get results that will make you smile in the coming years. If you choose to receive traditional orthodontic treatment, the period may be several months or more. First, the suture material is porous, so if you smoke cigarettes or drink coffee regularly, the composite resin may appear spots and yellow.

The veneer fits wonderfully with their natural teeth and is resistant to discoloration and coloring. Porcelain veneers are thin layers of material because they are permanently attached to the front of visible teeth. They reflect light in the same way as natural enamel and will not irritate your gums. Because the material is so durable, it does not chip and is stain resistant. They are a great way to improve your smile in a way that mimics your natural smile. Since various problems can cause gaps, please contact a dentist who can give you an idea of which options are best for you.

Sucking your thumbs in early childhood can sometimes cause a happy smile. Another possibility is bone loss due to periodontal disease, the lack of teeth that allow existing teeth to spread or small teeth that are not proportional to the jaw. You can get 10 to 15 years of wear with porcelain veneers if you are willing to pay the highest price. These look more natural and stain resistant, giving you a more sustainable option to hide your dental space. If you have a small to moderate dental space, your dentist can use the cosmetic compound as a conservative, relatively inexpensive and fast solution. This option includes the use of the same dental composite material that you may have seen for fillers.

However, if you have discoloration or splinters on your teeth in addition to gaps, plan to discuss veneer with your dentist as they are tailor-made to cover your teeth. Look for multi-hole frenzules, wider holes or crooked teeth, but otherwise beautiful. Or choose multiple small spaces for Invisalign, which is the least obvious and most effective option. After examining your options, make an appointment with your dentist to discuss your thoughts. Using the tooth veneer process is also effective in filling the space between the teeth.

However, with the evolution of orthodontic treatment, several options are available that are more discreet than bulky metal supports on the front of the teeth. Although orthodontic treatment takes longer than dental joints or veneers, it is an effective and durable solution. Of the two options, invisible aligners are often the easiest, Zahnarzt Thun most carefree and most affordable option to close gaps. By adjusting the shape and size of your dental arches, your teeth move to their ideal alignment and close the space. Because dental aligners are made of durable yet flexible plastic, they can be removed and cleaned, leading to a healthier smile than using fixed brackets.

For younger patients who are still growing adult teeth, orthodontists will generally wait to see how teeth enter, using X-rays to predict the future growth of new teeth. If the cavities do not close naturally, orthodontic treatment may be required. If you have less space between your two front teeth or if your teeth are partially cracked, the dental joint may be an alternative to veneer. The binding is a tooth-colored resin that cures in the room and acts as the surface of your existing teeth.