How To Conduct A Silent Auction

In addition, printed information encourages participants to stop at display tables, take time to browse articles and, in general, socialize throughout the event. When the time comes to conduct the silent auction, it will be a great help for your team to make some plans in advance. Namely, several days or weeks before the event, prepare presentation papers for auction items and a floor plan or rough layout.

Guests are allowed to bid on as many silent auction items as they wish. As soon as the auction ends, the items go to the people with the highest bids. Hiring a professional charity auction consultant is a great way to learn about charity fundraisers, charity auction donations, and silent auction ideas. It is important to look for the best charity auction management system to organize your event information and provide mobile bidding auction services.

Highlighting sponsors and levels of care is an effective way to receive donations with minimal effort. Donors will also love to see your name, logo, and a link to your website on the items you submit. This is an effective way to strengthen your bond with your fundraiser for years to come. Starting an online auction will increase interest in the live event, especially if silent auction ideas you only display items that are available at the event. Also, online bidders who are unable to attend the event can increase their chances of winning by placing an agent bid, allowing auction administrators to continue bidding on their behalf. Some allow you to view the auction progress on one screen, which is great for encouraging the competitive people out there.

These items can range from private music lessons to wine tastings to massages. Meet local businesses in your community to see if any of them are willing to donate a coupon for a unique experience. If your auction is coupled with crowdfunding or a peer-to-peer fundraiser, ask volunteers to spread the word. Volunteers should link to the event page dedicated to the silent auction to help their friends and family support their non-profit organization. Some auction programs support additional fundraising tools that allow your non-profit organization to monitor every part of the silent auction from a single integrated system. Once an item has been won, guests should receive a notification on their phone informing them of what they have won and how to get it.

In addition, since the auctioned items were donated to the organization, the non-profit organization does not lose money if it buys them and gets the full benefit from the auction. Due to Covid-19 and the subsequent transition to fully virtual fundraising practices, the emergence of virtual silent auctions has been significant. But even outside the pandemic, online auctions can offer organizations and their supporters unique advantages that traditional in-person events cannot. However, since bidding sheets require a more complicated bidding procedure, institutions that hold paper auctions generally do not collect as much money as those that hold mobile auctions. Not to mention that your organization will face a complicated payment process at the end of the night. Even with in-person silent auctions, guests and event planners prefer portable bidding programs over writing bids.