The Top 7 Personal Security Equipment

This compact alarm is equipped with a key ring for easy attachment to your bag, key ring or belt. When removing the contact pen, a siren sounds for 30 minutes until the pin is back in the alarm. The alarm is made of ABS material, making it very durable and has a battery time of 90 minutes.

This Thopeb Self Defense Mermaid is a safety key ring that can be used at the time of an emergency. It has a 130 dB alarm that can be heard up to a range of 1000 feet and works by separating the pin. The key chains have a wire design to give your hand a comfortable grip. The micropartic attack head is sharp and has its full power centered at one point for greater impact.

This ingenious key ring was developed by Phil Ventrello, who turns out to be an authorized martial arts instructor. This key ring is also highly recommended by the police, making it an even better option for personal protection. This is a non-lethal weapon manufactured in the United States and made from ABS plastic. This plastic is very lightweight, but it is super strong and even scratch resistant and almost unbreakable because it is also impact resistant. You can easily grab the Munio because it is made with a design that allows you to hit or even stab your attacker behind or in front of you to maximize your personal safety.

You can activate the alarm and then have a backup weapon just in case. Sometimes known as a juzanl or ninja shot, what we like most about self-defense cubotans is that they are so easy to use. And you don’t have to be a martial arts student to understand how to use one. It is an instinctive weapon that is easy to transport and use in high stress situations.

Your LED lamps are much more effective than most personal safety products. In addition, it has a portable and lightweight design for easy attachment to many objects. Well, buyers need to know what separates the best options from the bottom one. The key ring of the Saber pepper spray is currently one of the best-selling safety key ring products. The key ring comes with pepper spray and tear gas, suitable to protect against negative conditions, even at a safe distance. The strong formula works intensively and very quickly, making it reliable and safe when to use.

The size and weight of a self-defense key ring are less affected by the self-defense method it uses, but by the number of methods it contains. A single key ring with a jar of pepper spray is quite discreet and lightweight, while one with an impact element plus an alarm or other device is bigger and heavier. This small personal alarm emits an impossibly loud sound that not only scares attackers, but also draws as much attention to you as you need help.

It is perfectly durable, lightweight and portable, making it a great multifunctional defense device for men and women. This Vkysinko personal defense security key ring is perfect for emitting strong siren alarms as soon as it is operated immediately. The attack alarm comes with a 130 dB sound that is only activated with the push button. The flashlights are bright and provide directions to the place.

The security kit is a mini version of everyday things that are super easy to transport and open. It is suitable for men, women, the elderly and people traveling for different purposes. This alarm is equipped with two LED lights to make your way in dark areas or at night. It also comes with a glass wood keychains window switch to help you escape by breaking the glass when you are stuck in threatening conditions. The pointed head can also be used to temporarily disable his attacker, giving him time to escape. This tool has a attached key ring that easily holds this key ring to your bag, bag or belt.