Top 10 Thai Horror Movies

This means that when night falls his head separates from his body and floats in search of blood and guts. Local villagers are concerned when their livestock begins to disappear and forms a hunting party for akrause. As this happens, Sai has to navigate through a love triangle between two children with different opinions about Krause. The tearful and sentimental romantic stories are the favorites of the audience. Historically, Cherd Songsri’s 1970s film, Plae Chow, is a classic story of star-crossed lovers and was one of the first Thai films to become an international hit.

The results are terrible and unexpected, but Thongsook is really to blame? Also known as Phobia, 4bia is a four-part Thai horror anthology series released in 2008. The first segment, entitled “Happiness”, is about the correspondence of a lonely girl with an unusual stranger. The second segment, “Tit For Tat”, is about black magic and revenge for a bullied boy from school.

At Cinema Escapist we have put together the best Thai films of 2019 for every curious viewer about Thai film productions. These eight major Thai films of 2019 contain not only conventional films, but also independent productions. They also represent a diversity of genres, including romance, action, terror, comedy and documentary. Let’s take a look at the 8 best Thai movies of 2019 without further ado. Chocolate touches on special children’s themes that are often misunderstood by many because of their different learning and understanding processes in the world around them. It is this process that develops the film, while the young heroine, Zen, learns martial arts from films by Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa.

In the new era of outstanding films, the Thai film industry has produced numerous world-class films. Siam Square by Pairach Khumwan is a high school film about urban legends. A group of high school students tries to demonstrate the existence of an urban legend.

You have to branch out and expose yourself to movies from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a psychological horror movie, a supernatural horror movie or a slasher movie, this list has something to suit your preferences. Here is our official list of the 10 best Thai horror movies ever made.

The martial arts genre and mainly based on the well-known traditional Muay Thai torture has always received special attention. The timeline is not such a cheap girl movie that often comes out, it is an intriguing story written brilliantly about two young friends that most people can identify with. Even most men will agree ดูหนังออนไลน์ that this movie is pulling the strings. Full of fantastic sad story and sentimental moments, I found this movie one of the best I’ve ever seen. I met both main characters and found myself related to each of them. This film makes us think about what could have been and gives us a new look at the meaning of true love.

I love you, heart attack and under GDH One Day by Banjong Pisanthanakun. In 2012 Thanwarin’s It Gets Better was marketed to a wider audience and was admitted by the film committee. The film shows the story of a boy whose father forces him to become a monk after catching him wearing his mother’s clothes and dancing exuberantly in his room. Initially, the boy resists, but then becomes fascinated by the beauty of the monk leaving the temple and thus immediately changes his mind. The story includes two other stories, one of a man who has returned to Thailand to sell his father’s company, and the other of a woman whose purpose seems unclear in history until the end.

It has a lot of emotional scenes that make you feel like your heart is breaking with the characters and adding a personal element to the story. We all feel like in love with school, as if we blush at the thought of knowing your name. The film examines how Nam navigates his relationships as a teenager, which can sometimes get excited: he can burst into tears when he least expects it. In addition to the sweet love story between 2 young adults, this film explores what it is like to find love when you are much older because of the relationship between the older couple. This adds an interesting and fresh perspective to the typical romantic trope we are used to.

According to Thai folklore, a beautiful pregnant woman named Nak died in childbirth while she waited for her husband, Mak, to return from the war. On his return, Mak finds his wife and son waiting for him, but any neighbor trying to warn him that he lives with a ghost is killed. Mak finally realizes that his wife is a ghost and tries to run away. Unlike other stories, Ghost of Mae Nak has a refreshingly modern twist, but certain elements of the familiar story remain the same. Originally based on a comic strip, The Eyes Diary is a tragic love story about a young man, Nott, who loses his girlfriend in a terrible motorcycle accident, but it doesn’t stop there.