Which Is Judo??

In 1996 Netscape was one of the first manufacturers of intranet software and next year expanded its reach to extranets that use the same underlying technology to connect multiple companies. These steps required Netscape to develop a broad portfolio of increasingly sophisticated products. They also turned Netscape from a consumer-oriented browser company into a corporate software business.

At the same time, Netscape has adequately evaded its inexperience in building a comprehensive suite of Internet products. On the following pages we will discuss the principles of judo strategy and some of its limitations, and use the struggles between Netscape and Microsoft as an illustration. However, judo strategy can be a powerful tool for any company: new or old, high-tech or low-tech, large or small.

The “cross platform” became a central theme of Netscape news at an early stage. In 1996 he argued: “The long-term vision is that it doesn’t matter what the operating system is like. The operating system must be a complement that fits Navigator.“Netscape executives recognized that Windows NT would continue to penetrate the market over time.

Bruce Lee was, of course, a Kung Fu practitioner, not Judo. The only way to successfully combat such an attack is to suffer your losses before the outside world forces you. Bill Gates seems to have understood this lesson when dealing with MSN. When he made EI’s success his first priority, Gates gave MSN rivals more than a boost. It reduced the value of proprietary online services worldwide by strengthening the power of the web. He realized that cannibalization was inevitable in this case, and instead of allowing someone else to do it, he decided to cannibalize his business himself.

Step 3: sweep the support leg with strong force, leading to an immediate relapse of your opponent. It was designed to make you feel comfortable while doing judo movements judi slot online during a game. A 720 document describing the history of Japan from the mythical age of the gods to the time of Empress Jito, who ruled from 686 to 697.