18 Great Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

This is because kajal is applied to the top and bottom water lines of both eyes. This helps contour your eyes and “extract” them under the hood, making them more defined. You can add more traces of kajal if you want a darker appearance. Then I draw a thin line that crosses my line of tabs from the inner corner and one from the outer wing. You can stop here and just have a slim winged lining along your lash line and up in the outer corner.

But there are many easy ways to apply eyeshadow and eye lining to hooded eyes. Choosing the perfect eye eyeliner with a hood not only makes applying eye makeup quick and easy, but also improves and beautifies your eyes! If you are clear about what and how to wear, nothing can stop you from getting a uniform, neat and flawless makeup. That is why we have compiled a list with the top 10 lining in mind with a hood.

The winged eyeliner that is perfect for hooded eyes will still show some of your eyelids when you have your eyes open, it will tattoo eyeliner not drop or age your eyes. And you have a light waterline on the bottom waterline that wakes your eyes up and younger.

With its fine, precise tip, this waterproof liquid lining will provide rich, natural-looking lines. The soft application and elegant finish make it one of the best hooded linings. A waterproof liquid eyeliner that improves the eyelids with a clear bump: what you shouldn’t like about this makeup product!

Includes a soft brush that allows you to draw thin, thick or long strokes for a winged look or cat eye. While the Perfect Fitting Polymer manages to keep the edges of its films sharp and defined all day long. The stain resistance formula is another essential quality that makes this product a fairly good eyeliner for eyes with a hood. “Reduce your lashes before applying mega doe eye mascara,” Alexandra Compton, Credo product development manager, told us about tips for every eye shape. Even if you’re not wearing makeup, a soft grip with a eyelash curler can help open your eye and make it look awake.