Asbestos Removal and Asbestos

Asbestos removal is vital to ensure the long term stability of your building. If you live in a home or have an office that has asbestos insulation, it is important that you remove it safely. It is also essential to have this material inspected periodically by a certified asbestos specialist to make sure there are no small pieces left. You may want to ask the manufacturer for assistance if you cannot do the job yourself.

The first step in asbestos removal is removing it from the structure itself. You can begin this process with a simple attic ladder. This should be completed before you ever move anything on the top of the house. The goal is to expose the insulation to as little heat and moisture as possible, so using a vacuum cleaner is ideal for this first stage of the process. A high-powered vacuum cleaner is best for this job because you will be scraping the insulation and not sucking it into the vacuum.

After the attic has been emptied, your next step for asbestos removal is to assess the damage. You will need to obtain a written quote from your HVAC duct cleaning contractor. If you choose to hire your own HVAC contractor, be sure to get references. You can call the references and ask them if they would recommend the company for your needs.

Once you have the quote and have selected a contractor to do the work, you can move on to more detailed assessment. Asbestos dust is probably the most visible element of asbestos removal. For this reason, your initial step should be determining the source of the contamination. If the source is external, such as a hole or other void in the foundation, you may be able to clean it yourself with a wet vacuum. However, if the contamination comes from within the house, or if you are unsure where the asbestos came from, you will need to consult your local occupational safety and health office.

There are several ways to determine if a sample contains asbestos. First, the sample can be taken without puncturing the material. If the sample is contaminated with asbestos, however, the sample must be taken in an area where there is no sign of movement. For example, if a piece of ceiling tile is disturbed slightly, the sample will contain a bit of asbestos residue that is airborne and can be breathed in.

Asbestos removal may also be limited to areas where it is visibly disturbed. This is often necessary when a building has been built before 1977, has a poor ventilation system, has a leaky roof, is old and infested with vermin, or has had a heavy infestation for many years. In these cases, the asbestos must be removed in stages so that the potential for it to migrate to other areas is minimized. For instance, if a building has undergone roof replacement, there may be asbestos on the ceiling tiles and joists. More information about Commercial Asbestos Removal Manchester companies can be found here.

Asbestos is contained in a variety of materials, including ceiling tiles, door frames, insulation, pipes, insulation, sheet rock, and even floor tile. If a building has had heavy manufacturing, it may contain asbestos in the walls. In this case, the sample will need to be taken to a certified lab so that the determination can be performed by someone who is familiar with Asbestos. In older buildings, the insulation may contain asbestos or could have an asbestos sticker applied to the interior. The sample can then be tested using an Asbestos Detector.

The most favorable option in Asbestos removal is to hire an experienced independent asbestos air monitor. These individuals are trained to look for the presence of Asbestos and then to advise the proper Asbestos removal technique for the sample. In the case of a building with a history of Asbestos manufacturing, having a Demolition Inspector performs the Asbestos removal will be ideal. However, if the building is vacant, the Demolition Inspector should also be consulted so that you know what steps need to be taken before the Asbestos can be removed. Regardless, of whether you choose to hire an independent asbestos inspector to perform the testing or an Asbestos removal company, do not delay in contacting an asbestos abatement company so that you are protected from this potentially deadly chemical.






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