Benefits of the One Plan Health Insurance Blue Plan

Health insurance is not only for people with six-figure income, and it should not be a right, but a privilege. This may not be the case in South Africa right now, but it is a vision of One Plan Health Insurance, a newcomer to health care in South Africa.

With One Plan medical care, everyone can afford health care at a price that corresponds to their wallet. And with the simplest plan starting at 100 rand a month, this can really become a reality.

One Plan Health Insurance offers valuable products and services ranging from hospital plans to death insurance, as well as insurance against terrible diseases and HIV/AIDS. This means that One Plan health insurance is truly a universal solution for all your medical needs for you and your loved ones. Here’s what their comprehensive affordable blue plan has to offer you when you need it most.

What One Plan Blue Health Plan Offers You

With a One Plan Blue Plan medical device as a primary participant, you will receive 5,250 rand of health insurance per year, excluding hospitalization, health insurance, and other benefits. This means that 5,250 rand will be spent on your usual medical needs, such as visiting a doctor, getting prescription drugs, pathology, radiology and caring for pregnant women.

In addition to covering your daily medical needs, One Plan health insurance also covers other important medical needs such as accidents, hospital sickness, emergency and natural births, and C-sections.

In addition, you will also receive disability insurance coverage of up to 130,000 rand during the duration of the policy. You and your family, if they are members, are also insured in the event of an accident or natural death.

Optometry needs are also covered, and you can take a full vision test, frames and glasses cut in the size of your frame from any Eyenet optometrist across the country. What else could you ask a health care professional?

But that’s not all. As a Member of One Plan Health Insurance, you can also get great deals and gifts at their OneLiifestyle online center. Exclusive offers on their website allow you to get discounts on more than 300 proven brands. So what do you have to lose?

Who can use The One Plan blue health plan

Those who want to insure themselves and their families in the event of a medical emergency will be able to take advantage of the One Plane Blue health plan. And with a low monthly fee, not only the rich can afford to take care of their health. And with big value-added bonuses, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t write to them at 31644, and they’ll call you back.

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