Boost Your Brainpower Today the Natural Health Way!

Do you want to boost your I.I.? Or how about concentrating and keeping a clear head for a long time? There are some very effective things you can do using natural health approaches. So why not start today to naturally enhance your thinking ability!

Optimizing the link between the brain and intestinal bacteria

To avoid laziness, fusedibility, trouble concentrating or even mood swings and depression, you need to maintain a good symbiotic relationship between the brain and microorganisms in your body. Most of these microorganisms are harmless beneficial bacteria that inhabit the gut. However, a lack of proper nutrition and too much junk food can lead to a number of harmful parasitic microorganisms, such as candida. This not only affects gut health, but in turn affects hormonal balance and brain function, causing the above mental disorders and possibly others.

The equation is simple:

Good gut health – physical health – mental health

Food for the state of mind and intelligence!


Herbs are extremely effective in treating mood swings, poor memory, attention-concentration problems and various brain conditions such as attention deficit disorder (ADHD). They improve overall cognitive function by helping to eradicate these harmful microorganisms, such as candida.

Ginseng is one of many herbs that are great for metabolism, memory improvement, better attention, stress reduction and increased energy. Other herbs that can help in the aforementioned way include sage (known for its potential in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease), rosemary (among other things, pituitary stimulant) and gota-cola (anti-ageing, memory improvement and other functions).

B vitamins

B vitamins are absolutely essential for the nervous system, metabolism, hormonal function and stress management… Deficiency leads to depression, cognitive impairment … and physical illness.

In light of the above, to improve mental capacity and healing, I strongly recommend choosing quality diets and supplements rich in vitamin B.

  • Try this and pay attention to the differences!

Good quality fats

The brain is rich in fat. Brain cells have a fatty shell, so for optimal functioning it is necessary to consume quality fats in the diet. In particular, DHA (fatty acid) omega-3 fatty acid is an important building block of the brain. Vegetarians, especially vegans, should be careful not to become deficient in what can lead to depression and cognitive impairment. DHA supplements are essential. Learn how to distinguish good quality fats from cheap, nasty trans fats, which are harmful foods for a balanced diet.

Good oils

It has been shown that oils such as rosemary oil improve memory by 75%.

Other accessories

It should also include proper nutrition to improve mental abilities and optimal health.

Vitamins C, E and D are important, as well as calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc minerals. Then there is choline, which is used in neural transmission, and antioxidants are needed. Antioxidants potentially absorb harmful free radicals that cause disease and aging.

Good foods that stimulate the brain

Fill your basket with it. I do!

Avocados, leafy green vegetables, berries, turmeric, cayenne pepper and ginger and other fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, and I’ll let you do your own research.

Provide plenty of quality drinking water

The brain is 75% water, so make sure you drink it a lot. No coffee, no soft drinks … Just water.


Studies have repeatedly shown that regular exercise helps to stay in shape both mentally and physically. It has even been shown to increase the I.R.S., as well as other cognitive improvements. Hormonal function also improves. Want to go to the gym?!

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