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Canadian pharmacies offer Canadian pharmacy prescription drugs online at significantly lower prices than pharmacies in the U.S. This is a well-known fact. But how do you know if medicines in a Canadian online pharmacy are the same drugs that you buy locally at a higher price? Does a lower price mean lower standards?

In Canada, wholesale purchases of medicines are controlled by the Government and this price control extends to the retail level. Retail prices in all Canadian pharmacies are also under state control, so prices are the same across the country.

There may be a slight difference in prices between individual pharmacies because of their fixed-pay prescriptions, where they are allowed to compete. (Vacation fees are a flat rate that a Canadian pharmacy charges for each prescription it prescribes, usually between $7 and $9). A Canadian pharmacy can also receive a discount from the wholesaler depending on the amount of medication being released.

The Canadian Pharmacy Association is under strict government control over wholesale supplies to consumers. Public servants check all aspects of the industry at regular intervals and at all levels. Canadian pharmaceutical standards are certainly as high in every respect as they are in the United States. If the drug is issued at a Canadian pharmacy, you can be sure that it is a genuine product.

Branded drugs are manufactured by a certain pharmaceutical company, which, of course, owns the rights. Once generic is available (17 years after it is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration), other companies will be able to produce generics of this drug.

The patent protection period gives the U.S. pharmaceutical company time to recoup research and development costs. These branded drugs are sold “at a market-friendly price” and traditionally prices are very high. At the end of patent protection, other pharmaceutical companies start producing generics, and, of course, prices fall.

Sometimes the generic drug becomes available in Canada earlier than in the United States. In these cases, you can take advantage of the lower price for a year or more until the generic is available at home. However, many new branded drugs are available here for a year or more before they arrive in Canada. You have the advantage of being the first to have access to these improved medicines. Sometimes it can take 12 to 18 months to become available in Canada, or never.

Yes, online services of Canadian pharmacies that deliver prescription drugs to the public by mail deliver exactly the same medicines as those purchased in the United States. Yes, their prices are really lower and you can save a lot on your medications by choosing a reliable Canadian pharmacy to supply your medicines.

Choose a Canadian pharmacy that requires a prescription from your local doctor and ask a Canadian doctor to sign your prescription. An order from the country of origin must be attached to cross the border.

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Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about medicines from Canadian Pharmacy Online. Everyone is concerned about the rising cost of prescription drugs. As American society, and especially baby boomers age, more drugs are often needed to maintain quality of life and control chronic diseases. Many of them do not have sufficient coverage for prescription drugs.

Recent negative media reports about the postal services of the Canadian pharmacy have led some people to treat them with little suspicion. Sometimes customs seized drugs that crossed the border because the necessary documentation was missing or incorrect. Another problem with mail delivery companies is that some of them do not deliver the same medicines. And, of course, there is always a bad apple in the corners.

Some people contacted the Asian Mail Delivery Service and found that what they were receiving was not a suitable drug or did not contain the correct dosage specified by their doctor in the United States. Drug services for Asian and Mexican mail-delivery companies are not subject to the same strict rules as in the United States and the Canadian pharmaceutical industry.

Safe and cost-effective drug prescribing services are available by mail. Here’s what to look for when choosing a Canadian pharmacy.

Is it necessary for your doctor to provide proof and confirm the prescription by your doctor?

Does a licensed doctor (in the country of prescription) sign this prescription after it has been checked by your doctor?

Are medicines from a country where medicines are known to be sold identical to those available in the United States, such as Canadian online pharmacy services?

Does mail-order delivery provide significant savings compared to drug costs in the United States, for example, by 30% or more?

Does the postal service company provide prompt service and verify that all the documents required for U.S. customs clearance are valid?

If you are thinking about buying some or all of your prescriptions at a Canadian pharmacy and they meet ALL of the above criteria, you can save money and get medicines that you can trust.

Today, the majority of Americans who use mail-delivery services have found that many Canadian pharmacies meet all of the above criteria. These are reliable, safe and cost-effective services. These Canadian pharmacies offer identical medicines or analogues to generics so that you get exactly what your doctor prescribed.

Using prescription services in Canadian Pharmacy Online, you can save up to 30% or more. If you’re considering Medicare, Part D, the savings for Canadian pharmacies can be particularly significant because of a “bagel hole” that charges you between $2,150 and $5,100.

Using a mail delivery service at a Canadian pharmacy can improve your Medicare Part D coverage and help you avoid this horrible bagel hole.

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