iHerb Coupon – 3 Top Tips To Save You Lots of Money When Buying Your Natural Health Products Online

The iHerb coupon is one of the best coupons on the online market for natural health products.

Of the other coupons I’ve tried, this is one of the best and most reliable, because they don’t expire and with them you can earn credits to buy.

I am a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and a supporter of natural products.

I spend about $100 (sometimes $200, especially at Christmas) every month as a buyer of natural health products online.

My journey through natural health began with superfoods chlorella and spirulina. Over time, I expanded my purchases to include first-press coconut oil, probiotics, green powdered beverages, raw blends and herbal adaptogens such as rhodiola pink, ashwagandah and curcumin.

Adaptogens are natural substances that increase the body’s resistance to physical and mental stress. They also improve your mood and ease your senses.

I feel good and cool thinking about them.

But these things come with money.

So I use coupons such as the iHerb coupon to save money.

If you regularly and constantly buy health products online, listen!

I’ll tell you three tips that will save me a lot of money.

And recently – I was allowed to buy my products without paying anything!

Are they there:

  1. Proper shop.

Choose the “right” natural health product in the online store.

Find one that has almost everything.

The shop, where everything is under one roof, saves you time, and time – money.

  1. The right price of the goods.

Find out how your Top Shop compares to your competitors. Are their prices fair?

Getting to a department store of health products just because they have everything is only part 1 of 3.

What if their prices are not as low as in other stores, with the same product and brand?

Want to pay more?

Of course not.

I’ll tell you a little story.

Before I found a naturopathic store where I save a lot, I went from store to store in search of the cheapest deal.

What did I find?

My “Yaeyema Chlorella” was a few cents cheaper in Store A (e.g. Swanson, Vitacost or VitaminShoppe), but their “Spirulina Pacifica” is almost a dollar more expensive than in store B (e.g. iHerb, VitaminWorld or Vitabase).

The product is cheaper in store A, but more expensive in store B.

But then again, the other item from Store B is cheaper than from Store A.

… and if you, like me, buy a few items, the savings will stop

So I thought it best to consider the final purchase price.

  1. The right price.

Know the components of the final price.

Check out their free shipping offer.

It differs from store to store. Some vendors deliver items for $20 for free, and some require you to purchase at least $99.

Another. See if they have any wholesale discounts.

This means that when you buy 30 dollars or more, you can get an extra 3% discount… you buy 40 dollars, you get an extra 4% discount… Understand?

And finally…

If you are a monthly, permanent or permanent buyer like me, listen carefully to this…

… because it’s huge.

Ask if they have any discount codes, loyalty programs, or rewards programs. It’s just because if they had one, they’d publish it.

Do they recognize your loyalty when you return to buy more?

Will you be rewarded if you recommend your friends and family to patronize their store for being impressed with their business and how you are treated as a shopper?

Tip number 3 is the secret to which I can now buy natural health products on the Internet almost for free.

An example was my purchase on December 11, 2011 (order 7784628-0 in my favorite store).

The total cost of the product was $95.42.

The starting price was … 0,00 $!

Bought more than $95, but paid nothing, zero, nada …

Later I realized that the store credits collected by my iHerb coupon were paid for my purchase!

How cool is that?

Well, the good news is, you can too!

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