Natural Health – Defeat The Challenge

What is natural health?

The definition of natural health is somewhat ambiguous, but it is generally understood that it concerns health problems without resorting to medication, but instead using natural remedies. This includes food, herbs and alternative medicine such as acupuncture, homeopathy, etc. But the price of this ambiguity is disrespect: naturopaths still seek national recognition, while their title is recognized only in a few U.S. states, and it’s no wonder that people don’t know how. NMD can restore health. Unlike conventional medical schools, which train doctors, accredited naturopathic colleges teach nutrition and its role in the human body.

What keeps health healthy?

Since the vast majority of diseases are the result of poor nutrition, among other lifestyle problems (smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, late eating, etc.), our innate behavior is primarily the search for healthy food as soon as it is eaten. evidence of an unfavorable symptom. We know that there is food to maintain overall health and that there is food to treat certain diseases. But what about accessing these products when we need them?

This is the problem: natural health requires a natural diet, but what is a natural diet? Foods in industrialized countries are awash with pesticides and may have lost most of their nutrients to the detriment of food. Unlike processed foods, Produce has no nutritional labeling, so how can consumers know how much time has been collected and how many nutrients are left? The answer is that we do not know from the beginning and deliberately mislead the appearance of products that are backed up by chemical processing that is stored, at least out of the box.

Products in America – often genetically modified – are grown solely for profit, not for consumer health. This trend has led to the production of huge fruits and vegetables without taste and nutrients.

It follows that you need to buy organics! But what does this mean that pesticides are not collected when they are ripe? Unfortunately, the USDA Organics standard is low at first and rarely enforced. However, even if the product is grown as “certified organic”, this does not mean that it does not contain pesticides and that there is no guarantee of a higher level of nutritional, since it can be obtained from China, was shipped to a warehouse in the Midwest and then shipped 1,000 miles to its destination. And as a product withstands such abuse /repeated spraying and fumigation.

Then, of course, there is the problem of getting rid of many unmarked chemicals before use. USDA lists 42 pesticides for apples and 54 for strawberries. Obviously, it should be clear that washing away products under running water is a futile attempt to remove harmful bacteria, not to mention toxic chemicals sealed under a layer of waterproof wax. If these chemicals are not removed, they will be consumed with potentially serious health consequences.

How to navigate a poisonous food disorder

You can find out what chemicals are in your product by searching the Pesticides Action Network database, and then you can decide how to rid the products of these specific toxins. If you have a water ionizer – an alclar machine, you can first soak the product in high pH water and then rinse with acidic water. In addition, you can buy bottles of detergent solutions for fruits and vegetables in large supermarkets. You can also do it yourself using a mixture of vinegar and water, lemon juice and baking powder; There are practical tips on the Internet. But in any case do not shorten the procedure, even if you do not see contamination, until you look at the solvents after soaking.

Finally, don’t forget about meat! We know that American fattening beef comes to you with antibiotics, synthetic hormones and trans fats because the American consumer doesn’t want to pay more for healthier grass-fed beef. The appalling treatment of chickens and pigs at CAFO has been widely publicized.

Maintaining natural health has become a challenge like never before. It takes much more time to shop and study, and in the farmers market it can be more expensive. But we must remember that there is no cheap food: if it is inexpensive in the store, then later we pay a much higher price for restoring health.

Heinz R. Gisell developed the production of lasers and medical devices, led new treatments and created world markets where they did not exist. Fascinated by the challenges of transforming technology into health solutions, he realized that the current paradigm of “symptom recovery” was wrong and that health care should begin at the cellular level long before symptoms appeared. His relentless spirit of innovation is now working to promote his patented VitalityXress®: a predictive system of medical information that ‘measures’ your health status and shows how to enhance and maintain your vitality to the fullest. He is an author, radio host and speaker on numerous technologies in health, business and quality of life. Her recent book, “The Food We Trust,” tells us how America became the sickest nation in the world and how to get rid of it.






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