Natural Health Remedies Safer For Pets and Their People

Today in America, a large number of pets are exposed to chemicals that can be harmful and even deadly. These chemicals can be found in local flea and tick medicines, which are sold by veterinarians, sold in pet stores and promoted online, and can be found in flea soaps that can be found on grocery store shelves. If you read the fine print, you’ll see a warning: don’t apply it to your skin. Even the foam.

Think about it. You put it on your pets and he travels through their skin, scaring off and killing fleas. When you stroke these dogs and cats, don’t you (and perhaps your grandchildren) get them into your own system? Although these chemicals do not harm your pets, they can harm you!

Like humans, some animals are well versed in chemicals, while others suffer from severe reactions. Once my dogs had fleas, our vet cured all three of them – and although two of them were fine, Blue Heeler itched until he bled for a month. What a relief when this thing finally came out of his system.

But Pepper’s problem was small. Some dogs and cats simply stop breathing or have seizures after being caused by fleas and ticks.

Since I would never again put my dogs at risk, I started looking for natural alternatives and found all-natural products on the market. But I found even more. I found other caring animal lovers willing to share their natural flea removal recipes.

One of these means involves the use of diatom land or borax made in carpets and on ledges to kill fleas in the house. Leave for a few hours, then suck the crumbly powder.

A reader on the pet forum says that the next dog spray doesn’t just repel insects – it also finds them dead. (They should not be used for cats because they react differently to essential oils.)

Add 8 or 9 drops of each of the following essential oils for 24 ounces. sprayer filled with water.

Tea factory
Sage (any)
Cedar tree
Sweet orange
Pine needle.
Another reader shared her recipe: she bakes a crust

1 orange
1 grapefruit
1 lemon
1 lime
and a handful of rosemary
After cooking, allow to infuse overnight, then pour into the sprayer.

To prevent fleas from appearing in cats and dogs, plant mint and/or catnip in places where they walk and lie. The simple rubbing of this plant gives it a repellent layer. However, be careful when you plant it. It grows and spreads like a weed. Both plants help to scare away mosquitoes, so they are useful if planted near the patio.

Take time to research before using chemicals for your pets, insect control or deworming. And check out the symptoms of an allergic reaction to act quickly in an emergency.

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