Tungsten Bracelets: Powerful and Unique

Are you looking for a bracelet that stands out? Are you looking for something different than the gold and silver that everybody else is wearing? Then you need a tungsten bracelet. The masculine, deep gray color of a tungsten bracelet will really set you apart from the pack. And, as if that weren’t enough, tungsten bracelets will never scratch or wear down, because tungsten is the hardest metal on earth! This means that you can wear your tungsten bracelet even during the most rugged of activities, and never worry about it being damaged! These are the reasons why a tungsten bracelet is perfect for the active, powerful man. Strength, boldness, and a rugged beauty: these are the attributes that set tungsten apart!

Why a tungsten bracelet is the best choice:

The most important aspect of tungsten is its hardness! Gold and platinum are extremely soft metals. When you wear a gold or platinum bracelet you have to constantly be on your guard about scratching or otherwise damaging it. But you can wear a tungsten bracelet anywhere and never have to worry about scratching it. In fact, the only way to scratch a tungsten bracelet is with a diamond, and only if you were really trying. Also, due to their softness gold and platinum bracelets have to be polished all the time. Tungsten, on the other hand, will retain its beauty and luster for a lifetime, without ever needing to be polished! Unlike gold or platinum, you will never have to worry about your tungsten bracelet.

Another reason why tungsten is such a great choice is the weight. Weighing in at almost twice that of silver, the value of a tungsten bracelet is undeniable. A bracelet this heavy simply exudes power.

For people with sensitive skin tungsten is the perfect jewelry metal. Many people are allergic to gold, silver, or platinum, or more commonly zinc or nickel, which are used as alloys in most jewelry. You don’t have to worry about this with a tungsten bracelet, because tungsten is hypoallergenic. This means that you will no longer have to deal with rashes and discolored skin from wearing your bracelet.

Probably the coolest thing about tungsten, though, is that it is exotic. Everybody wears gold and platinum, but tungsten is something different, something unique. A tungsten bracelet is not a flashy gold or shiny silver, but a deep, strong gray that will leave no one in doubt of who you are. Here is a good page to view tungsten bracelets [http://tungstenovernight.com/bracelets.asp?cat_id=2].

Where is the best place to purchase a tungsten bracelet:

To get an idea of the different styles and prices that are available in tungsten bracelets it is more convenient to view them online before shopping around at local jewelry stores.

Retail jewelers will sometimes carry a small selection of tungsten bracelets, but you are most apt to find them online. Just type “tungsten bracelet” into an Internet search engine like Google or Yahoo and you will find several reliable websites that specialize in tungsten bracelets.

The cost of a tungsten bracelet is dependent upon many variables. A tungsten bracelet between 50 and 8o grams in weight should cost about $150 to $250.

Nothing else compares:

Are you powerful? Are you a breed apart? Then showcase your strength and individuality with a tungsten bracelet. When it comes to strength, durability, and exotic beauty nothing compares to Tungsten Wire. Nothing!






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